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We aim to:

  • inspire and motivate every individual,
  • be a listening, approachable school working in partnership with parents, governors and the wider community,
  • promote purposeful teaching in a high quality learning environment and to ensure the highest standards through an enriched curriculum,
  • develop confident learners through nurturing self-esteem,
  • be an inclusive school ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to succeed and where everyone is equally valued,
  • to equip pupils with the skills to enable them to become independent lifelong learners,
  • promote positive behaviour and foster moral values based upon respect for others, the community and the wider world,
  • engage pupils, staff and governors in meaningful self-evaluation.

We are a Values-based school.

We want to instil positive core values in all the children at Roch school, so our pupils can live by these values throughout their lives.

Our school values are : Respect, Peace, Acceptance, Co-operation, Kindness, Responsibility, Empathy, Equity, Honesty, Appreciation and Resilience.  Apart from respect each value is a focus for the school for a half term on a 2 year cycle. We focus on respect for the first half of every autumn term as we feel it is the value that underpins all others.


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