Carl Evans | Head Teacher


Mr Carl Evans | Head Teacher

Miss Sara Vilios, Mrs Vicki Brace & Mr. Carl Evans | Dosbarth Gwyrdd Year 5 & 6

Mrs Frances Jenkins & Mrs. Kate Corby | Dosbarth Glas Year 4 & 5

Mrs Karen Hordley | Dosbarth Oren Year 2 & 3 & 4

Mrs Kirsty Smith | Dosbarth Coch Year 1 & 2

Mrs.Kirsty MacDougall-Williams (Acting Deputy Head)  | Dosbarth Enfys – Reception

Miss.Danni Moszoro is currently on maternity leave and is due to return summer term 2019

In Class Support Staff

Mrs Claire Morgan| Nursery Leader in Dosbarth Enfys & PPA cover in the foundation phase.

Mrs Emily Couceiro | Additional Learning Needs Support Dosbarth Glas support

Mrs Sue Prince | Learning Support Assistant – Dosbarth Enfys & Dosbarth Gwyrdd support

Mrs Judy Lewis | Learning Support Assistant – Dosbarth Oren

Mrs Jan Luke | Learning Support Assistant – Dosbarth Coch

Mrs Tina Sutton | Learning Support Assistant – Dosbarth Enfys

Miss Helen Hawthorne | 1:1 Pupil support

Mrs Janet Brockbank |1:1 Pupil support

Support Staff

Mrs Maria Griffiths | Cook

Mrs Rhoda Weale | Clerical Admin

Mrs Emma Beynon | Finance Admin

Mrs Sue Prince | Meals Clerical Assistant, Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs Claire Morgan | Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs Tina Sutton | Midday Supervisor

Mrs Michelle Day | Midday Supervisor

Mrs Tina Bennett| Midday Supervisor

Mrs. Helen James | Midday Supervisor

Vince & Jan Bradbury | Cleaners

Mr Darren Mordecai | Caretaker

Peripatetic Music

Dr. Evans | Brass & Woodwind Tuition

Mr. Shanklin| Percussion

Mrs. Evans | Strings

Peripatetic PE Providers

Steffan Davies